Event Dates:

July 7, 2013


250 participants



Whistler/ Squamish

(Shuttles from Squamish to Whistler are available)


Options in Whistle. $35 gets you a bed at the Athlete's Lodge at the Ride start.

Activity Level:

Our participants have rated the trail 30% green, 60% blue and 10% blackish. We will provide options so that those who want a somewhat easier ride can skip the more more challenging sections. Having said that, it is a long ride and not for beginner mountain bikers. In fact, the more time you have spent on the saddle prior to the ride, the more fun you'll have.



By March 1: $99 CAD

By Jun 30: $109 CAD

By Jul 8: $119 CAD

Bus/bike transfers to ride start available at $20.

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Whistler Athletes Lodge (Saturday eve)
Saturday Evening Pasta Dinner
Bus (Squamish to Whistler) Sat 4 pm
Bus (Squamish to Whistler) Sun 7:30 am
Return Bus (Squamish to Whistler) Sun 4 pm
Teams of 4 deduct $5 each from entry
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Whistler – WORCA Squamish – SORCA
Pemberton – PVTA Sunshine Coast – SCUMB
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